What is Afficient Math?

Afficient Math is a computerized, self-paced AI-powered program to help your child learn grade-level math. We guide students to perform self-learning under our instructional and practicing materials and learn efficiently with our intelligent algorithms. As your child run into difficulties that they cannot overcome by themselves, our teachers in physical or virtual learning centers help them unstuck from learning obstacles. Afficient Math helps your child build a solid foundation, advance at their own speed, get into advanced programs in schools and get better grades in school. Afficient Math currently offers US Common-Core aligned grade 2 to grade 12 level math.

Key Advantages of Afficient Math

  • Receive instant feedback on assignments; no need to wait for worksheets to be graded manually
  • Take intelligent algorithms-based learning paths optimized to reach A/A+
  • Always know grade-level score and intelligently fill gap toward reaching grade-level goals
  • Receive customized weekly assignments
  • Receive supervision and monitoring by teachers
  • Provide real-time progress reports to parents