• Enhance students’ interest in mathematics
  • Increase intellectual capability and problem-solving skills
  • Enable students to excel in math competitions
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About Math Competition

Head Coach

“Every child is unique. One teacher can make a difference.”

Liudmila Lekhtsikava

  • College Professor – Math and Physics
  • Competitive math curriculum developer
  • Books authored

    • “Math Olympiad” book series,
    • “Math and Logic” book series,
    • “Math and Logic for Christmas Time
  • Coach of Math Olympiad and AMC 8
  • CLAD (Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development) certificate, Stanford University

Elementary School: Math Olympiad (grades 4-6)

This class will introduce elementary school students to a wide variety of math problems and problem-solving strategies beyond traditional school math. We emphasize critical thinking and help students develop skills crucial for solving more complex problems at the middle school level. We are inviting enthusiastic and curious fourth and fifth graders who are interested in solving unusual problems, puzzles, and brainteasers, and who are ready to get serious about math in a fun and challenging environment.

Sample Topics

  • Introducing the Graph Theory: Konigsberg Bridges
  • IQ Math: Problems and Strategies
  • Chicken-and-Rabbit Problems Excess-and-Shortage Problems
  • Comparison-and-Replacement Problems

Sample Problem

Introduction to Equations

Middle School: Math Olympiad and AMC 8 (grades 6-8)

The purpose of this classes is to increase students’ interest in learning mathematics, stimulate their logical reasoning skills, and expand students’ ability to think critically in different areas of life. Middle school students will have the opportunity to explore the most important concepts in Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory, and Combinatorics at a deep level. Students will also develop strong problem- solving skills by working on fun competition style problems as they get ready for higher-level math.

Sample Topics

  • Combinations and Permutations
  • The Sum and The Product Rules of Counting
  • Using Lists, Charts, Diagrams, Formulas, and Theorems for Counting
  • Comparison-and-Replacement Problems

Sample Problem

Using Area of Circle Formula (taken from AMC 10 Test) Circles A, B, and C each have radius 1. Circles A and B share one point of tangency. Circle C has a point of tangency with the midpoint of AB. What is the area inside circle C but outside circle A and circle B?


Math Olympiad Class Spring Semester February 23rd – May 25th (14 weeks)
Grades Days Time Price
4th – 6th
10 am – 12 pm $700