Major advantages of Afficient Math are the following:
(1) Personalized learning

  • Afficient Math is individualized and self-paced.
  • Traditional schools are class-based and the whole class is at the same pace.

(2) Result-based

  • Afficient Math is result-oriented. Students always know their grade level scores. After a student achieves his/her desired results, the course is completed. The student has mastered all the required skills for every grade studied.
  • In traditional schools, students know their results only when the course is completed, whether they achieved good results or not. The gaps students have in lower grades are carried over and compounded into higher grades.5

(3) Self-learning and highly engaged

  • In Afficient Math, students learn by themselves first. Students do exercises with immediate feedback, and correct their mistakes right away. Teaching or coaching is available if needed.
  • In traditional schools, teaching is offered first in classroom setting. Student homework are graded days later and sometimes even not graded.

(4) Intelligent

  • Based on the data of individual student’s work, Afficient Math intelligently generates exercises to improve weak areas and retain proficiency of learned skills. It optimizes the learning path to achieve excellent outcome.
  • In traditional schools, lectures and exercises are not customized to individuals, and they do not guarantee a desired outcome.

(5) Efficient

  • With Afficient Math, students typically take two to four months to complete a grade level and achieve A/A+.
  • In traditional schools, after spending a whole academic year for one grade level math, most of the students are not able to get an A.