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Afficient Academy Inc., was founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley. Dr. Jiayuan Fang, Founder and CEO had conceived the idea of an educational company that leveraged by modern technologies, can significantly enhance the learning effectiveness.

We are devoted to developing programs that utilize modern technologies to empower students to excel. Our programs help students build solid foundations, learn and progress at their own pace, and advance ahead of the school curriculum to achieve their fullest potential.

Our programs are developed by our team of experienced educators, computer scientists and other professionals.

Students who have used our programs are showing extraordinary results and are on their way to achieving great success.

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Chauhui Ouyang
Chauhui OuyangDirector
Joined: 08/2019
MFA in Computer Animation
University of Art and Design, San Francisco, California.
Experience: 20 years in education.
Amily Xu
Amily XuAdvisor
Joined: 06/2019
MBA in Hongkong University
Doing education for 10 years: owned a school in Beijing, China.
I work for Ravenscroft school for 2 years
I have been worked for 3 Years


We happened to find Afficient Math in June last year. My son took some tests, and he started with Grade 2 and Grade 3, mainly for review. After one year, my son loves Afficient Math, and his Math skill advances about 2 grade levels comparing to his grade. We will continue with Afficient Math for my son. The following are good aspects that I would like to share with others.

Mark Y., San Jose, CA
Just found out this gem of a place for Math education for kids. It is a hybrid online and in-site arrangement. Kids get accounts, and are placed according to results of an assessment test. Kids can pretty much independently work on the assigned work for the week. Parents have apps that tell them progress made. Best part is that this is real time reporting.

I signed up my daughter to the program a year ago. At Afficient she made tremendous progress in math, finished several grades within a year. We especially like the idea of computer guided self-learning.

Xiaoyuan H., Saratoga, CA
My daughter started learning math there last summer. Now, her math skill has been improved a lot. By following the ways they designed, she used about two months to finish grade 2 and grade 3 math lessons and tests, and another three more months to complete grade 4 math lessons and test.

Jinping Z., San Jose, CA