We happened to find Afficient Math in June last year. My son took some tests, and he started with Grade 2 and Grade 3, mainly for review. After one year, my son loves Afficient Math, and his Math skill advances about 2 grade levels comparing to his grade. We will continue with Afficient Math for my son. The following are good aspects that I would like to share with others.

1. As we know, even in Cupertino top elementary schools, students don’t learn enough (both depth and breadth) math knowledge and skills. Afficient Math is a good learning center for the enhancement. Their product is self-paced, self-learning, online tool. Students can learn and practice at home, or at Afficient Math office. Students can do more during breaks and weekend. The pace is very flexible.

2. The online product provides all aspects of Math for elementary and middle school students, and they are developing contents for high school students. The product can trace the students’ progress, and is very interactive. For example, if the student makes some mistakes in one topic, the tool will go back to that topic repeatedly, until student makes good understanding and progress.

3. The staff are nice and professional. My son really likes their staff and teachers. The teachers make sure students really understand Math concepts. When needed, teachers will provide hints, and ask students first try to review demos and learning by theirselves. This way, students will have deeper understandings.

4. They have yearly one to one conference with parents. Dr Fang will talk to each family, provide student’s progress, and any feedback, etc. Plus, we can easily talk to Dr. Fang, and his staff/teachers, about concerns, progress, and suggestions. We really like Afficient Math, and expect my son will have great progress in the next school year.

Mark Y., San Jose, CA

I signed up my daughter to the program a year ago. At Afficient she made tremendous progress in math, finished several grades within a year. We especially like the idea of computer guided self-learning.

The algorithm identifies the weak points and assigns more exercise to make sure the students really master the concepts. Students can move forward at their own pace – and it’s pretty fast with the nice prizes as motivation. The staff are all very helpful and encouraging. Just signed my younger kid. Strongly recommend.

Xiaoyuan H,, Saratoga, CA

Just found out this gem of a place for Math education for kids. It is a hybrid online and in-site arrangement. Kids get accounts, and are placed according to results of an assessment test. Kids can pretty much independently work on the assigned work for the week. Parents have apps that tell them progress made. Best part is that this is real time reporting. So, parents can be in a different location, and still spy on the kids. My initial concern was about how different this is from Khan Academy.

The main advantages of Afficient

a) The “hints” provided to help kids understand concepts are really really good. My kids who have experience with Khan Academy tell me that the hints in this system are far better;

b) The accountability factor. Kids know that someone other than their parents is monitoring their activity. This keeps them on task;

c) Very attractive user interface – For the first time, I have not had to nag my kids to practice Math. They do with pleasure, and

d) When they work in-site, there are extremely friendly and helpful folks to encourage them. So, all in all, highly recommended.

C.V., Los Gatos, CA

My daughter started learning math there last summer. Now, her math skill has been improved a lot. By following the ways they designed, she used about two months to finish grade 2 and grade 3 math lessons and tests, and another three more months to complete grade 4 math lessons and test. That means she grasped the required math skills a few months in advance compared to her current grade in her day school! We then encouraged her to continue beyond her grade, so she already started doing grade 5 math lessons a month ago.

This tutor center provides an adaptive math learning system, which allows a student to learn on her own pace. lessons and tests are naturally combined. Students can choose when to do lessons and tests online at home, or in the tutor center classroom which is open in the weekday afternoon and the weekend. Students see their overall score changes each time completing a test. Another thing I feel very good is, I receive a weekly email report to know my daughter’s progress regularly and in time.

Jinping Z., San Jose, CA