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About Afficient Academy Remote Online Programs

Afficient Math is an intelligent computerized math learning program based on US standards for grades 2-12. Afficient Math enables students to self-learn grade level math, build a strong foundation and advance ahead at one’s own pace. More detailed information about Afficient Math can be found here.

Afficient Math Remote Online Program is for those students who can not access Afficient Academy Learning Centers, located around the Bay Area of California. Students who can access our learning centers are strongly recommended to enroll in one of our learning centers, where our learning center teachers can observe the students, offer help & guidance and can easily have face to face interactions with students as well as parents.

After being enrolled in Afficient Math Remote Online Program, each student is assigned to a qualified advisor, who monitors the progress of the student, provides guidance and coaching. Advisors regularly communicate with students and parents through emails. They can also set up a phone or video session as needed to resolve any issues encountered.

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About Remote Programs

Enroll in Our Remote Online Program

To enroll your child in a course, a parent should first create a parent account at MyAA.

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14-days Free Trial

Parent can request through the parent account of MyAA for a free-trying of Afficient Math for up to 14 days. The student who runs the free-trying account receives the same product as regular accounts, and shall go through the same diagnostic tests and account setup procedure as other students. If the enrollment is made within the 14 days free-trying period, no application fee ($35) will be charged.

Refund Policy and Procedures

For the first-time new course enrollment, and if the enrollment is made without a free-trying period, then the parent can request through the parent account of MyAA for 100% refund within 14 days from the course starting date.

Tuition for Afficient Math Remote Online Program

Tuitions will be automatically billed periodically until the subscription is suspended or cancelled.

Two billing options are available:

Every three-months $400
Monthly $150