1. Build a strong foundation  

Skip ahead to a higher level course in the following semester by passing a qualifying test in the upcoming semester.

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3. Get an early start to next year

2. Learn and master a new course

This is especially useful for students in grade 5 and above who do not have time during academic years to review lower grade materials. Intensive review of lower grade materials help fill the gaps developed in previous years, strengthen weaker areas and helps build a strong foundation.  

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As soon as you sign up, you will be presented with an opportunity to schedule the FREE Diagnostic Test on our Appointment Calendar on the next page. Schedule your appointment and you will be contacted by one of our Learning Advisor via phone and/or email who will facilitate the Diagnostic Test and explain the process and the test results after your child completes the test. Our Learning Advisor may facilitate a video chat session if necessary to guide you through the entire Diagnostic Test process.

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Middle School Math Placement Test Seminar

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Afficient Academy offers AI-based programs to students to learn math & English with excellent results. Students in elementary school and beyond can self-learn Math & English and also receive support from online teachers. The curriculum is based on US Common Core standards. It offers an excellent option for students to learn from home during this special period when the schools are closed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Fill the form to sign up for a FREE Online Diagnostic Test and schedule an appointment on our Calendar.

2. Our Learning Advisor will contact you & facilitate the Diagnostic Test.

3. Our Learning Advisor will explain the Test results & the personalized Learning Path for your child

4. The Learning Advisor will assist you if you decide to enroll your child in our program.

6. A designated instructor will contact you & assist your child to have a successful journey in our program!

Sign up for a FREE Online Diagnostic Test Now!

Sign up for a FREE Online Diagnostic Test Now!

Diagnostic Test Process

What makes Afficient Academy the most effective online program?

 1. Curriculum Aligned to US Common Core Curriculum:

Unlike many after-school learning programs, Afficient Academy’s math & English programs are based on US Common Core standards, making them directly relevant to what students learn at school. During the lockdown period, a student can use Afficient Academy’s programs to keep up with school material and do well in their classes. 

2. Leveraging AI-Based Technology for Excellent Results:

Afficient Academy’s AI-based program identifies skill gaps, ensures that all skills are mastered, builds a strong foundation, and leads students to complete each grade with an A or A+. Students receive weekly assignments that are individually tailored to students’ unique learning situations, helping them to conveniently review material and learn new content. 

3. Remote Online Support by Instructors: 

After a student signs up for the online program, a designated online teacher is assigned to the student who continuously monitors the student’s progress and provides supervision and support.

4. Regular Parent/Teacher/Student Communication: 

Teachers communicate regularly with parents and fully inform them of students’ progress. Parents also receive updates and have their questions answered via email, phone calls, online conference tools, WeChat, etc. Finally, Afficient Academy’s iOS and Android App helps parents stay updated about their kid’s progress in real-time.