Afficient Academy Inc., an ed-tech startup in Silicon Valley, is a pioneer in implementing modern technology in after-school Math & English education. Afficient Academy’s AI-based learning programs help students fill in skill gaps, learn efficiently and effectively, and get ahead in their academics.

Afficient Academy’s learning centers have been conducting virtual classes during their regular open hours using Zoom online conferencing tool since the beginning of the lockdown period. Instructors are available online to assist students and offer support through email, phone, and WeChat. Since over half of Afficient Academy’s students were remote learners supported by online teachers even before the lockdown period, Afficient Academy has transitioned to complete virtual learning without compromising the quality of education or level of individualized support that students receive.

What makes Afficient Academy the most effective online program during this complete lockdown period?

  1. Curriculum Aligned to US Common Core Curriculum: Unlike many after-school learning programs, Afficient Academy’s math & English programs are based on US Common Core standards, making them directly relevant to what students learn at school. During the lockdown period, student can use Afficient Academy’s programs to keep up with school material and do well in their classes.
  2. Leveraging AI-Based Technology for Excellent Results: Afficient Academy’s AI-based program identifies skill gaps, ensures that all skills are mastered, builds a strong foundation, and leads students to complete each grade with an A or A+. Students receive weekly assignments that are individually tailored to students’ unique learning situations, helping them to conveniently review material and learn new content.
  3. Remote Online Support by Instructors: After a student signs up for the online program, a designated online teacher is assigned to the student who continuously monitors the student’s progress and provides supervision and support.
  4. Regular Parent/Teacher/Student Communication: Teachers communicate regularly with parents and fully inform them of students’ progress. Parents also receive updates and have their questions answered via email, phone calls, online conference tools, WeChat, etc. Finally, Afficient Academy’s iOS and Android App helps parents stay updated about their kid’s progress real-time.

Afficient Academy is sincerely committed to ensuring that its students are on the path to achieving excellent results.

Afficient Academy is offering a FREE Diagnostic Test online that can be taken from home. Our comprehensive Diagnostic Test evaluates and identifies the appropriate grade levels for the student to learn and review. A personalized learning path is created for the student that allows the student to fill in previous years’ gaps and get ready for the challenges of the next academic year.

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