Intelligent Math Learning Program to Build Strong Foundation Efficiently and Advance Beyond School Grade Level at Student’s Own Pace

San Jose, CA, June 29, 2018 – Afficient Academy, Inc., devoted to developing a new generation of education programs based on modern technologies to empower students to excel, today announced launching of its online math learning program with dedicated tutor support.

Afficient Academy utilizes the intelligent computerized program together with teacher supervision to make learning highly efficient and achieve excellent outcome (US patent # 9,818,306). For the past two years, Afficient Academy has been serving hundreds of students at its five corporate learning centers in the San Francisco Bay Area. As per students’ data with Afficient Math, which is Afficient Academy’s computerized math program for Grade 2-12, students can build a strong foundation by efficiently reviewing previously learned materials, and most students are able to complete each new grade level in 1-4 months. Through our programs, students achieve better results with less time, thus leaving more time for them to pursue other interesting activities. Afficient Academy expects to have more openings of both the corporate and franchise learning centers in the future.

Afficient Academy’s newly released remote online program allows people everywhere, primarily those who cannot access our physical learning centers, to enroll in Afficient Math. Soon after the student enrolls onto our online program, a dedicated math advisor will be assigned to the student. The student may contact the advisor for questions or any technical issues in self-learning Afficient Math. The advisor will monitor students’ activities constantly and contact the student and/or parent if any issues are noticed. If necessary, the advisor or parent may also initiate an audio or video session to communicate.

“Many online programs lack supervision and interactions between student, parent and teachers, so the learning is not effective, and students do not stay in the programs long.” said Dr. Jiayuan Fang, the founder and CEO of Afficient Academy. “Our web-based program and online communication capabilities make remote monitoring, supervision and interactions possible and convenient. These services shall greatly help our students who can’t access our physical learning centers.”

Afficient Math online program is offered at $400 for every three-months term, and $150 monthly. First time Afficient Math buyers can receive 100% refund within 14 days of the purchase. Through a comprehensive diagnostic test, the starting grade and the level of the student for building the foundation is identified, and the account is setup accordingly. A student can go through the test and the setup by following our automatic procedure or make an appointment ( to have an online video session to go through the procedure with one of our math advisors.